BabyCrate Natural Newborn Set


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The BabyCrate Natural Newborn Starter Set provides a selection of essential, high quality items to get ready for a new baby.

20 high quality all-natural products in the gorgeous BabyCrate Safe Sleep Crate.

Free Shipping Worldwide.

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The BabyCrate Natural Newborn Set combines the natural safety of the BabyCrate with exceptional, high quality natural products to give your newborn a completely natural start in life.

 Over 20 high quality components

Everything in the maternity package is made of 100% natural materials.

What you get:

BabyCrate All-Natural Safe Sleep Minicrib
Natural Caoutchouc Mattress Pad
Organic Popeline Cotton Mattress Cover
2* Organic Cotton Mattress Sheet
2* Organic Cotton Muslin Squares 70cms
Natural Care Set Bag
Untreated birchwood teething toy
Untreated birchwood horsehair brush
Stainless steel baby nail clippers
Stainless steel baby nail scissors
Organic Cotton Hooded Towel
Organic Cotton Newborn Baby Bodysuit
Organic Cotton Newborn Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Organic Baby Mittens
Organic Baby Sleepsuit
Organic cotton cream receiving blanket
Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt
Organic Cotton Beanie Hat
Organic Cotton Velcro Bib

All our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton newborn clothing is extra soft and thick and provides all the essentials for your newborn.

All the benefits of the BabyCrate

The BabyCrate is a safe place to sleep for your newborn, during the day and at night. Made from natural pine, this portable minicrib is designed according to the latest guidelines for a safe sleep place.

Free Shipping

No need to worry about shipping rates. We deliver your BabyCrate for free.

Money Back Guarantee

If you change your mind about the BabyCrate you may return it within 30 days (postage stamp date) and we will refund the full purchase price.

5 reviews for BabyCrate Natural Newborn Set

  1. Maria Salanda-Tyc

    Absolutely Gorgeous – really love the crate!

    We got a customized BabyCrate with all the trimmings for our newborn baby girl and we absolutely love it. Took it on an overnighter to the Grandparents last weekend and it was even useful to carry all the newborn stuff I needed to take out to the car.

  2. Catherine Thom

    We got this as a present from the in-laws and at first I was admittedly a bit sceptical. But bubs loves it and we use it all the time now.

    I really like the simple no frills design it would be great to be able to buy a stand though.

  3. Robbie Klein

    The organic cotton clothes are great quality and the bed is cute, robust and very practical.

  4. Susan Smith

    My husband bought this as soon as he found out that I am pregnant.

    At first I wasn’t sure what to think but now that the baby is here we use it as the main sleeping space for our little one. I really like the fact that it is all-natural and organic.

    I like the maternity package things too, especially the brush. It is a really nice brush.

  5. stink

    I am so tired right now but I came here to say that when I put my darling to sleep I feel that she is safe in the BabyCrate.

    Everything in the set is gorgeous and great quality but the sleep suit is just too big – almost like a sleeping bag but not tight enough so I prefer to swaddle.

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