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  • 100% Natural
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Safe
  • Practical

What you get:

BabyCrate Baby Box items

BabyCrate All-Natural Safe Sleep Minicrib

Natural Caoutchouc Mattress Pad

Organic Popeline Cotton Mattress Cover

Organic Cotton Mattress Sheet x2

BabyCrate for Baby Box

Organic Essentials Set

Organic Baby Sleepsuit

Organic Cotton Newborn Baby Bodysuit

Organic Cotton Newborn Long Sleeve Bodysuit

Organic Baby Mittens

Organic cotton cream receiving blanket

Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt

Organic Cotton Beanie Hat

Organic Cotton Velcro Bib

Large Organic Cotton Muslin Squares 70cms x2

Organic Towel for Baby Box

Natural Care Set

Untreated birchwood teething toy

Untreated birchwood horsehair brush

Stainless steel baby nail clippers

Stainless steel baby nail scissors

Organic Cotton Hooded Towel

Care Set for Baby Box

Free Personalization available

Baby Box Custom Branding

Includes the gorgeous BabyCrate safe sleep bassinet

  • 100% Natural
Natural Mattress Pad in Baby Box
  • Practical
Practical Baby Box
  • Safe
Safe Baby Box

The BabyCrate is a Baby Box made of solid FSC-certified pine.

Every BabyCrate comes with a pure, 100% natural caoutchouc mattress pad covered with thick organic cotton to ensure optimal firmness without toxic offgassing.

Two removable, extra soft organic cotton sheets allow easy cleaning.

The BabyCrate is lightweight, weighing just over 5 kilos, and is easy to carry with practical handles.

This enables you to keep your in a protected space wherever you are, in or around the house.

Once your baby outgrows the BabyCrate it can be used as a practical and decorative toy box.

The BabyCrate is designed according to the updated recommendations for a safe sleep space and is certified according to EU and US requirements.

The sturdy design and the low center of gravity make the BabyCrate almost impossible to topple.

Baby Box in Nature
Baby Box Toy Box
Baby Box safety branding

Available as an organic maternity package or as a standalone bassinet.

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What parents had to say about their crates

“We love our BabyCrate and Elza uses it every day for naps as well as next to our bed at night.”

Kathy, Mother of Elza

“The BabyCrate is awesome, I just love the design. It also makes it easier to get some work done whilst looking after the baby.”

Mark, Father of William

“My daughter in law is happy that we have a safe space for my granddaughter when they visit.”

Alison, Grandmother or Susan

“Our baby almost exclusively sleeps in the BabyCrate. We always take it with us when we pop up to the mountains for the weekend .”

Charles, Father of Gregory

“Glagen gargle haaa.”

Robin, BabyCrate aficionado

“The BabyCrate is a practical alternative sleep space, offering portability and simplicity.”

Anita, mum’s grapevine

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