My Baby has allergies. Can we use the BabyCrate?

We prefer all-natural rubber so that your baby can spend those critical first months in a safe environment free of chemistry and toxic offgassing with the optimal density to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Allergies to natural rubber affect large numbers of especially hospital workers due to their extensive, direct contact with Latex gloves. Newborns and toddlers appear unaffected as can be illustrated by the large number of teething toys and pacifiers made or natural rubber.  Generally, however, for there to be an allergic reaction direct skin contact is required. Our mattress pad is certified OEKO-TEX 100 baby safe and is covered in several layers of thick organic cotton so that your baby is protected.

Should you be concerned that your baby may be showing an adverse reaction to the rubber in the BabyCrate then we provide you with a synthetic foam pad free of charge. This pad is also dense and the exact right size for the BabyCrate, however, as it is a synthetic product it is impossible to avoid potentially damaging chemicals whixh is why we do not offer this pad for sale.

We further note that there has never been a recorded case of allergy  associated with the pad in the BabyCrate.