What parents had to say about their crates

“We love our BabyCrate and Elza uses it every day for naps as well as next to our bed at night.”

Kathy, Mother of Elza

“The BabyCrate is awesome, I just love the design. It also makes it easier to get some work done whilst looking after the baby.”

Mark, Father of William

“My daughter in law is happy that we have a safe space for my granddaughter when they visit.”

Alison, Grandmother or Susan

“Our baby almost exclusively sleeps in the BabyCrate. We always take it with us when we pop up to the mountains for the weekend .”

Charles, Father of Gregory

“Glagen gargle haaa.”

Robin, BabyCrate aficionado

“The BabyCrate is a practical alternative sleep space, offering portability and simplicity.”

Anita, mum’s grapevine

Love your BabyCrate?

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