Why is there no stand available for the BabyCrate?2018-05-04T10:27:24+01:00

Why is there no stand available for the BabyCrate?

BabyCrate is committed to the safety of your baby. Stands, latches or systems to attach bassinets to your bed all offer additional complications and have led to injuries in alternative designs. Also, raising the BabyCrate off the ground leads to risk should your baby pull him or herself up prematurely or with excitable toddlers pulling or climbing the crate.

The BabyCrate is designed to be easily carried from room to room so that your baby has a safe spece to sleep wherever you are in or around the house. A stand would just get in the way and reduce the portability of the design.

We are on holiday and won't be fulfilling any orders until mid-August 2019

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Have a great summer and lots of love from BabyCrate <3
Normal service will resume as soon as we get back!

Sorry for the inconvenience - as a family run firm when the family takes a break, so does the firm.