What a relief!

I have somewhat neglected this blog recently, but I do have a good excuse: I have been very busy working on the crowdfunding for our new product, the Baby Crate by BabyCrate!

The Kickstarter itself was a lot of work, but nothing compared to what came next: getting the BabyCrates ready and sent out to our backers in a timely manner. I had conservatively promised delivery in May, but fortunately everything went quite smoothly, and I got the last BabyCrate sent out yesterday.

Well, not quite.

I have so far not sent out the “Donate-A-Crates” kindly donated to our partner charities in Germany and in Georgia but as the German crates do not yet have a designated owner, and the Georgian shelter has not opened its doors yet they are a lot less time critical than the BabyCrates I sent out to our backers directly.

We did just narrowly avert catastrophe, however. Unfortunately, one of our suppliers for some of the components in our newborn safe sleep set went bankrupt in the new year. Fortunately however, we had received our Kickstarter order prior to this occurring and we have already been able to source an alternative supplier for the sets ordered now.

The crates themselves are gorgeous, and the packaging appears to be holding up. I have been assured that the crate we sent to Indonesia arrived safely and there were no complaints from any of our other backers that have already received their crates in places as far-fetched as Japan so it appears that everything went without any major hitches or challenges. I did forget to add the stretch award brush to one of our backers in Germany but I sent them an All-Natural Care Set the next day instead so they should be happy. Generally, I feel a lot of relief right now.

But, of course, now is not the time to sit back. The BabyCrate and the BabyCrate All-Natural Newborn Set are now available to purchase on this website, so I am keeping busy trying to get bloggers interested in our new affiliate program in order to spread the word about the BabyCrate!

So, if you are a family, interior design or lifestyle blogger: Get in touch.