We launched our Kickstarter for the BabyCrate All-Natural Newborn Safe Sleep Bed last Monday, and after 5 days we have reached the halfway point of our funding. We achieved most of our funding in the first two days so we will need to work hard and continue promoting to achieve our goal of €6500 Euros and to get this show on the road.


We started doing some quite substantial Facebook advertising in the last week and have learned a few lessons on the way, and we have got loads of valuable feedback from people around the world.

Interestingly, we have realized that parents are not only attracted to having a safe sleep space for them wherever they go but also to the stylish unique design. This insight should prove valuable in positioning the BabyCrate in the future.

We have been contacted by a lot of marketing agencies seeking to help us promote our product. However, you almost always get lots of results if you google the name of the marketer followed by “scam”. As Kickstarter has a lot of novice entrepreneurs on the platform, I guess it is safe to say that there are also rich pickings for scammers. I am sure there are good marketers out there but everyone who appears legit costs multiples of the amount we are seeking to raise, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the Kickstarter in the first place.

Generally, however, the Kickstarter is a lot of work, a lot of fun and excitement and we are getting orders from all corners of the world! Visit our Kickstarter to pre-order your BabyCrate and get a safe space for your baby wherever you go get a great, unique and stylish space for your newborn 😀